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DateLengthShipVoyage #SailingPublished
Savings Fare
24 Aug 201912Silver Wind2924London (Tower Bridge) to Reykjavik$0$8,400100%
27 Aug 20197Silver Whisper4921Civitavecchia (Rome) to Monte Carlo$0$4,900100%
28 Aug 201911Silver Spirit5926Stockholm to London (Greenwich)$0$5,900100%
30 Aug 20197Silver Shadow3924Monte Carlo to Barcelona$0$4,400100%
03 Sep 20197Silver Whisper4922Monte Carlo to Barcelona$0$3,960100%
05 Sep 201915Silver Explorer7917Tromsø to Reykjavik$0$16,560100%
05 Sep 201912Silver Wind2925Reykjavik to Montreal$0$6,210100%
06 Sep 20197Silver Shadow3925Barcelona to Monte Carlo$0$4,860100%
08 Sep 201914Silver Spirit5927London (Greenwich) to Barcelona$0$7,110100%
10 Sep 20197Silver Whisper4923Barcelona to Lisbon$0$6,030100%
13 Sep 20199Silver Shadow3926Monte Carlo to Venice$0$7,560100%
17 Sep 20199Silver Whisper4924Lisbon to London (Greenwich)$0$6,030100%
17 Sep 201911Silver Wind2926Montreal to New York, Ny$0$7,560100%
20 Sep 201915Silver Explorer7918Reykjavik to St John's, Newfoundland$0$14,760100%
22 Sep 201911Silver Shadow3927Venice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$0$7,830100%
22 Sep 20197Silver Spirit5928Barcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$0$4,860100%
26 Sep 201913Silver Whisper4925ALondon (Greenwich) to Boston, Massachusetts$0$5,940100%
26 Sep 201915Silver Whisper4925London (Greenwich) to New York, Ny$0$7,110100%
28 Sep 201910Silver Wind2927New York, Ny to Montreal$0$6,660100%
29 Sep 20199Silver Spirit5929Civitavecchia (Rome) to Monte Carlo$0$6,030100%
03 Oct 20197Silver Shadow3928Civitavecchia (Rome) to Venice$0$4,860100%
08 Oct 201910Silver Spirit5930Monte Carlo to Venice$0$6,660100%
08 Oct 201911Silver Wind2928Montreal to New York, Ny$0$6,930100%
10 Oct 20197Silver Shadow3929Venice to Piraeus (Athens)$0$5,310100%
11 Oct 201911Silver Whisper4926New York, Ny to Montreal$0$6,210100%
12 Oct 201917Silver Explorer7919Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Puntarenas$0$9,360100%
18 Oct 20197Silver Spirit5931Venice to Piraeus (Athens)$0$6,660100%
19 Oct 201910Silver Wind2929New York, Ny to Montreal$0$5,760100%
20 Oct 20199Silver Wind2929ABoston, Massachusetts to Montreal$0$4,230100%
22 Oct 201911Silver Shadow3930Rountrip Piraeus (Athens)$0$7,830100%
22 Oct 201910Silver Whisper4927Montreal to New York, Ny$0$5,760100%
25 Oct 201916Silver Spirit5932Piraeus (Athens) to Dubai$0$7,830100%
29 Oct 201911Silver Explorer7920Puntarenas to Guayaquil$0$6,210100%
29 Oct 20199Silver Wind2930AMontreal to New York, Ny$0$4,500100%
29 Oct 201912Silver Wind2930Montreal to Charleston, South Carolina$0$5,310100%
01 Nov 201910Silver Whisper4928New York, Ny to San Juan$0$4,410100%
02 Nov 20197Silver Explorer7920PGolfo Dulce to Guayaquil$0$4,390100%
09 Nov 201914Silver Explorer7921Guayaquil to Valparaiso$0$6,930100%
10 Nov 20199Silver Spirit5933Dubai to Mumbai$0$3,510100%
10 Nov 201911Silver Wind2931Charleston, South Carolina to Bridgetown$0$4,860100%
11 Nov 201911Silver Whisper4929San Juan to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,410100%
13 Nov 20198Silver Wind2931ASan Juan to Bridgetown$0$3,420100%
19 Nov 201915Silver Spirit5934AMumbai to Phuket$0$5,400100%
19 Nov 201918Silver Spirit5934Mumbai to Singapore$0$6,660100%
21 Nov 201910Silver Wind2932Bridgetown to San Juan$0$4,410100%
22 Nov 20197Silver Whisper4930AFort Lauderdale, Florida to Bridgetown$0$3,900100%
22 Nov 201914Silver Whisper4930Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$6,930100%
23 Nov 201912Silver Explorer7922Valparaiso to Ushuaia$0$8,010100%
24 Nov 201910Silver Spirit5934CColombo to Phuket$0$4,280100%
24 Nov 201913Silver Spirit5934BColombo to Singapore$0$5,560100%
25 Nov 201911Silver Whisper4930CSan Juan to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$5,900100%
29 Nov 20197Silver Whisper4930BBridgetown to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$3,900100%
01 Dec 20197Silver Wind2933Rountrip San Juan$0$3,330100%
03 Dec 20197Silver Shadow3934Fort Lauderdale, Florida to San Juan$0$3,330100%
05 Dec 201912Silver Explorer7923Rountrip Ushuaia$0$15,030100%
06 Dec 201914Silver Whisper4931Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$6,030100%
07 Dec 201914Silver Spirit5935Singapore to Hong Kong$0$5,760100%
08 Dec 20199Silver Wind2934San Juan to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$3,510100%
10 Dec 20199Silver Shadow3935San Juan to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$3,780100%
11 Dec 201910Silver Spirit5935CLaem Chabang (Bangkok) to Hong Kong$0$4,050100%
17 Dec 201918Silver Explorer7924Rountrip Ushuaia$0$22,860100%
17 Dec 201910Silver Wind2935Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,410100%
19 Dec 20199Silver Shadow3936Fort Lauderdale, Florida to San Juan$0$4,230100%
20 Dec 201917Silver Whisper4932Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$8,010100%
21 Dec 201914Silver Spirit5936Hong Kong to Singapore$0$7,560100%
23 Dec 201912Silver Spirit5936AManila to Singapore$0$6,021100%
27 Dec 20199Silver Wind2936Fort Lauderdale, Florida to San Juan$0$4,410100%
28 Dec 201910Silver Shadow3937San Juan to Bridgetown$0$5,310100%
04 Jan 202012Silver Explorer7001Rountrip Ushuaia$0$17,730100%
04 Jan 202014Silver Spirit5001Singapore to Hong Kong$0$5,940100%
06 Jan 202021Silver Whisper4001Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Buenos Aires$0$10,400100%
07 Jan 20207Silver ShadowSS200107007Rountrip Bridgetown$0$2,970100%
08 Jan 202010Silver Spirit5001CLaem Chabang (Bangkok) to Hong Kong$0$4,770100%
09 Jan 20207Silver Wind2001ASan Juan to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$2,970100%
14 Jan 202010Silver ShadowSS200114010Bridgetown to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$3,780100%
16 Jan 202018Silver Explorer7002Rountrip Ushuaia$0$26,460100%
16 Jan 20207Silver Wind2002Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$3,240100%
18 Jan 202011Silver Spirit5002AHong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City$0$4,311100%
18 Jan 202014Silver Spirit5002Hong Kong to Laem Chabang (Bangkok)$0$4,950100%
23 Jan 202011Silver Wind2003Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,770100%
24 Jan 202013Silver Shadow3001Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Callao (Lima)$0$6,750100%
27 Jan 202019Silver Whisper4002Buenos Aires to Valparaiso$0$14,500100%
01 Feb 202014Silver Spirit5003Laem Chabang (Bangkok) to Hong Kong$0$4,950100%
03 Feb 202018Silver Explorer7003Rountrip Ushuaia$0$23,940100%
03 Feb 202010Silver Wind2004Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,320100%
04 Feb 202011Silver Spirit5003CHo Chi Minh City to Hong Kong$0$4,790100%
06 Feb 202020Silver Shadow3002Callao (Lima) to Buenos Aires$0$10,440100%
13 Feb 202011Silver Wind2005ARountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,900100%
15 Feb 202014Silver Spirit5004Hong Kong to Singapore$0$6,930100%
15 Feb 202015Silver Whisper4003Valparaiso to Papeete, Tahiti$0$11,400100%
21 Feb 202012Silver Explorer7004Rountrip Ushuaia$0$12,960100%
24 Feb 20207Silver Wind2007Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$3,240100%
26 Feb 202010Silver Shadow3003Buenos Aires to Rio De Janeiro$0$5,940100%
29 Feb 202015Silver Spirit5005Singapore to Mumbai$0$6,480100%
01 Mar 202018Silver Whisper4004Papeete, Tahiti to Sydney$0$12,100100%
04 Mar 202014Silver ExplorerE1200304014Ushuaia to Valparaiso$0$8,730100%
06 Mar 202010Silver Wind2009Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$3,780100%
07 Mar 202012Silver Shadow3004ARio De Janeiro to Bridgetown$0$4,320100%
07 Mar 202020Silver Shadow3004Rio De Janeiro to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$7,470100%
15 Mar 202010Silver Spirit5006Mumbai to Dubai$0$5,490100%
16 Mar 202011Silver Wind2010Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Bridgetown$0$3,960100%
19 Mar 20208Silver Shadow3004BBridgetown to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$2,970100%
20 Mar 202018Silver Whisper4005Sydney to Singapore$0$11,300100%
22 Mar 202016Silver Whisper4005AMelbourne to Singapore$0$10,040100%
25 Mar 202016Silver Spirit5007Dubai to Piraeus (Athens)$0$6,480100%
27 Mar 202014Silver ExplorerE1200327014Easter Island to Papeete, Tahiti$0$18,450100%
27 Mar 202013Silver Shadow3005Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Lisbon$0$4,950100%
27 Mar 202010Silver Wind2013Bridgetown to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,200100%
06 Apr 202016Silver WindSW200406016Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Barcelona$0$5,760100%
07 Apr 202011Silver Whisper4006Singapore to Mumbai$0$6,700100%
09 Apr 20207Silver ShadowSS200409007Lisbon to Barcelona$0$3,420100%
10 Apr 202013Silver ExplorerE1200410013Papeete, Tahiti to Lautoka$0$10,440100%
15 Apr 20209Silver SpiritSL200415009Piraeus (Athens) to Venice$0$5,300100%
16 Apr 20207Silver ShadowSS200416007Barcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$0$3,600100%
18 Apr 202018Silver Whisper4007Mumbai to Civitavecchia (Rome)$0$10,900100%
23 Apr 202010Silver ShadowSS200423010Civitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$0$4,770100%
24 Apr 202017Silver ExplorerE1200424017Lautoka to Cairns$0$13,950100%
24 Apr 202011Silver SpiritSL200424011Rountrip Venice$0$4,950100%
30 Apr 202013Silver WindSW200430013Barcelona to London (Tower Bridge)$0$6,480100%
03 May 202011Silver ShadowSS200503011Barcelona to Venice$0$5,490100%
05 May 202012Silver SpiritSL200505012Venice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$0$6,930100%
06 May 20209Silver Whisper4008Civitavecchia (Rome) to Dublin$0$5,500100%
11 May 202016Silver ExplorerE1200511016Cairns to Apra$0$11,430100%
13 May 202012Silver WindSW200513012Rountrip London (Tower Bridge)$0$7,470100%
14 May 20209Silver ShadowSS200514009Venice to Piraeus (Athens)$0$5,760100%
15 May 202010Silver Whisper4009Dublin to Amsterdam$0$6,500100%
17 May 20209Silver SpiritSL200517009Civitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$0$5,760100%
23 May 20207Silver ShadowSS200523007Rountrip Piraeus (Athens)$0$5,760100%
25 May 202012Silver WhisperWH200525012Amsterdam to London (Greenwich)$0$6,480100%
25 May 202014Silver WindSW200525014London (Tower Bridge) to Stockholm$0$7,920100%
26 May 20209Silver SpiritSL200526009Rountrip Barcelona$0$3,960100%
27 May 202011Silver ExplorerE1200527011Apra to Kobe$0$6,930100%
30 May 202013Silver ShadowSS200530013Piraeus (Athens) to Venice$0$7,920100%
04 Jun 20207Silver SpiritSL200604007Barcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$0$4,680100%
06 Jun 202012Silver WhisperWH200606012London (Greenwich) to Reykjavik$0$7,920100%
07 Jun 202011Silver ExplorerE1200607011Kobe to Otaru$0$9,450100%
11 Jun 20207Silver SpiritSL200611007Civitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$0$3,960100%
13 Jun 20208Silver WindSW200613008Stockholm to Oslo$0$4,700100%
13 Jun 202016Silver WindSW200613016Stockholm to Reykjavik$0$8,910100%
18 Jun 202018Silver ExplorerE1200618018Rountrip Otaru$0$19,980100%
18 Jun 202010Silver ShadowSS200618010Venice to Barcelona$0$5,940100%
18 Jun 202015Silver WhisperWH200618015Reykjavik to London (Greenwich)$0$9,990100%
21 Jun 20208Silver WindSW200621008Oslo to Reykjavik$0$4,700100%
25 Jun 202010Silver SpiritSL200625010Lisbon to London (Greenwich)$0$4,950100%
29 Jun 20209Silver WindSW200629009Rountrip Reykjavik$0$6,930100%
03 Jul 20207Silver ShadowSS200703007Rountrip Civitavecchia (Rome)$0$4,410100%
03 Jul 202015Silver WhisperWH200703015Rountrip London (Greenwich)$0$7,920100%
05 Jul 202012Silver SpiritSL200705012London (Greenwich) to Copenhagen$0$6,930100%
06 Jul 202018Silver ExplorerE1200706018Otaru to Seward (Anchorage), Ak$0$12,960100%
08 Jul 202012Silver WindSW200708012Reykjavik to London (Tower Bridge)$0$7,920100%
17 Jul 202010Silver SpiritSL200717010Rountrip Copenhagen$0$6,480100%
18 Jul 20209Silver WhisperWH200718009London (Greenwich) to Lisbon$0$4,770100%
20 Jul 202012Silver WindSW200720012London (Tower Bridge) to Copenhagen$0$7,740100%
23 Jul 202018Silver ExplorerE1200723018Seward (Anchorage), Ak to Nome, Alaska$0$12,960100%
26 Jul 20207Silver ShadowSS200726007Rountrip Piraeus (Athens)$0$5,490100%
27 Jul 20207Silver SpiritSL200727007Copenhagen to Stockholm$0$5,490100%
01 Aug 202012Silver WindSW200801012Copenhagen to London (Tower Bridge)$0$6,930100%
02 Aug 202012Silver ShadowSS200802012Piraeus (Athens) to Venice$0$7,470100%
03 Aug 20207Silver SpiritSL200803007Stockholm to Copenhagen$0$4,950100%
03 Aug 20207Silver WhisperWH200803007Barcelona to Monte Carlo$0$4,770100%
10 Aug 202012Silver ExplorerE1200810012Rountrip Nome, Alaska$0$9,900100%
10 Aug 202010Silver SpiritSL200810010Rountrip Copenhagen$0$6,480100%
10 Aug 20209Silver WhisperWH200810009Monte Carlo to Venice$0$5,490100%
14 Aug 20207Silver ShadowSS200814007Rountrip Venice$0$4,770100%
19 Aug 20209Silver WhisperWH200819009Venice to Piraeus (Athens)$0$5,490100%
20 Aug 20207Silver SpiritSL200820007Copenhagen to Stockholm$0$4,950100%
21 Aug 202010Silver ShadowSS200821010Venice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$0$5,940100%
22 Aug 202025Silver ExplorerE1200822025Nome, Alaska to Tromsø$0$31,950100%
27 Aug 20207Silver SpiritSL200827007Stockholm to Copenhagen$0$4,950100%
28 Aug 202011Silver WhisperWH200828011Piraeus (Athens) to Barcelona$0$6,750100%
03 Sep 20205Silver SpiritSL200903005Copenhagen to Amsterdam$0$3,090100%
03 Sep 202011Silver SpiritSL200903011Copenhagen to London (Greenwich)$0$5,940100%
08 Sep 20206Silver SpiritSL200908006Amsterdam to London (Greenwich)$0$3,710100%
08 Sep 202013Silver WhisperWH200908013Barcelona to Hamilton$0$4,860100%
08 Sep 202016Silver WhisperWH200908016Barcelona to New York, Ny$0$5,940100%
13 Sep 202011Silver ShadowSS200913011Lisbon to Barcelona$0$5,940100%
14 Sep 202011Silver SpiritSL200914011London (Greenwich) to Lisbon$0$5,940100%
17 Sep 202014Silver ExplorerE1200917014Tromsø to Reykjavik$0$13,770100%
24 Sep 20207Silver ShadowSS200924007Barcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$0$3,960100%
24 Sep 202011Silver WhisperWH200924011New York, Ny to Montreal$0$6,930100%
25 Sep 202012Silver SpiritSL200925012Lisbon to Barcelona$0$6,480100%
01 Oct 202013Silver ExplorerE1201001013Reykjavik to Halifax, Nova Scotia$0$11,430100%
01 Oct 202011Silver ShadowSS201001011Civitavecchia (Rome) to Piraeus (Athens)$0$6,840100%
05 Oct 202011Silver WhisperWH201005011Montreal to New York, Ny$0$6,480100%
07 Oct 202010Silver SpiritSL201007010Rountrip Barcelona$0$4,950100%
12 Oct 20207Silver ShadowSS201012007Rountrip Piraeus (Athens)$0$4,770100%
16 Oct 202011Silver WhisperWH201016011New York, Ny to Montreal$0$5,940100%
17 Oct 202012Silver SpiritSL201017012Barcelona to Piraeus (Athens)$0$5,760100%
19 Oct 202010Silver ShadowSS201019010Piraeus (Athens) to Venice$0$5,490100%
20 Oct 202011Silver ExplorerE1201020011Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Colon$0$5,940100%
27 Oct 202010Silver WhisperWH201027010Montreal to New York, Ny$0$5,500100%
27 Oct 202014Silver WhisperWH201027014Montreal to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$6,930100%
29 Oct 202012Silver ShadowSS201029012Venice to Barcelona$0$6,750100%
29 Oct 20207Silver SpiritSL201029007Rountrip Piraeus (Athens)$0$4,770100%
31 Oct 20208Silver ExplorerE1201031008Colon to Guayaquil$0$4,950100%
05 Nov 202017Silver SpiritSL201105017Piraeus (Athens) to Dubai$0$7,920100%
10 Nov 202012Silver ShadowSS201110012Barcelona to San Juan$0$3,960100%
10 Nov 202015Silver ShadowSS201110015Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,950100%
10 Nov 202010Silver WhisperWH201110010Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Bridgetown$0$3,800100%
10 Nov 202011Silver WindWI201110011Buenos Aires to Ushuaia$0$6,930100%
17 Nov 202014Silver ExplorerE1201117014Easter Island to Papeete, Tahiti$0$13,950100%
20 Nov 20209Silver WhisperWH201120009Rountrip Bridgetown$0$3,800100%
21 Nov 202014Silver WindWI201121014Rountrip Ushuaia$0$11,790100%
22 Nov 20209Silver SpiritSL201122009Dubai to Mumbai$0$4,410100%
25 Nov 20209Silver ShadowSS201125009Fort Lauderdale, Florida to San Juan$0$3,420100%
29 Nov 202010Silver WhisperWH201129010Bridgetown to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$3,800100%
01 Dec 202015Silver SpiritSL201201015Mumbai to Phuket$0$6,420100%
01 Dec 202018Silver SpiritSL201201018Mumbai to Singapore$0$6,930100%
04 Dec 202014Silver ShadowSS201204014San Juan to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$5,300100%
05 Dec 202014Silver WindWI201205014Rountrip Ushuaia$0$11,790100%
09 Dec 20209Silver WhisperWH201209009Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Bridgetown$0$3,800100%
11 Dec 202010Silver ExplorerE1201211010Auckland to Dunedin$0$6,930100%
18 Dec 202010Silver ShadowSS201218010Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,900100%
18 Dec 202010Silver WhisperWH201218010Rountrip Bridgetown$0$4,900100%
19 Dec 202016Silver SpiritSL201219016Singapore to Hong Kong$0$10,500100%
19 Dec 202018Silver WindWI201219018Rountrip Ushuaia$0$19,980100%
21 Dec 202014Silver ExplorerE1201221014Rountrip Dunedin$0$13,950100%
28 Dec 202011Silver ShadowSS201228011Fort Lauderdale, Florida to San Juan$0$5,300100%
28 Dec 20209Silver WhisperWH201228009Bridgetown to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,400100%
04 Jan 202114Silver ExplorerE1210104014Rountrip Dunedin$0$13,950100%
04 Jan 202112Silver SpiritSL210104012Rountrip Hong Kong$0$6,600100%
06 Jan 202118Silver WindWI210106018Rountrip Ushuaia$0$21,960100%
07 Jan 202113Silver WhisperWH210107013Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Callao (Lima)$0$6,100100%
08 Jan 202110Silver ShadowSS210108010San Juan to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,200100%
16 Jan 202110Silver SpiritSL210116010Hong Kong to Singapore$0$6,100100%
18 Jan 202122Silver ExplorerE1210118022Rountrip Dunedin$0$27,450100%
18 Jan 202111Silver ShadowSS210118011Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,900100%
20 Jan 202123Silver WhisperWH210120023Callao (Lima) to Auckland$0$9,900100%
24 Jan 202112Silver WindWI210124012Rountrip Ushuaia$0$14,400100%
26 Jan 202114Silver SpiritSL210126014Singapore to Hong Kong$0$7,200100%
29 Jan 202110Silver ShadowSS210129010Fort Lauderdale, Florida to San Juan$0$4,200100%
05 Feb 202110Silver WindWI210205010Rountrip Ushuaia$0$12,960100%
08 Feb 20217Silver ShadowSS210208007Rountrip San Juan$0$3,800100%
09 Feb 202115Silver ExplorerE1210209015Dunedin to Melbourne$0$14,490100%
09 Feb 202114Silver SpiritSL210209014Hong Kong to Shanghai$0$7,200100%
13 Feb 202118Silver WhisperWH210213018Auckland to Bali (Benoa)$0$8,800100%
15 Feb 202121Silver WindWI210215021Ushuaia to Cape Town$0$11,430100%
22 Feb 202110Silver ShadowSS210222010San Juan to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,400100%
23 Feb 202117Silver SpiritSL210223017Shanghai to Singapore$0$8,300100%
24 Feb 202125Silver ExplorerE1210224025Melbourne to Darwin$0$12,960100%
03 Mar 202118Silver WhisperWH210303018Bali (Benoa) to Tokyo$0$8,800100%
04 Mar 202111Silver ShadowSS210304011Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,900100%
12 Mar 202115Silver SpiritSL210312015Singapore to Mumbai$0$6,600100%
15 Mar 202110Silver ShadowSS210315010Fort Lauderdale, Florida to San Juan$0$3,800100%
21 Mar 202118Silver WhisperWH210321018Tokyo to Singapore$0$9,900100%
25 Mar 202111Silver ShadowSS210325011San Juan to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$3,800100%
27 Mar 202117Silver SpiritSL210327017Mumbai to Piraeus (Athens)$0$7,200100%
05 Apr 202110Silver ShadowSS210405010Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,200100%
08 Apr 202115Silver WhisperWH210408015Singapore to Mumbai$0$6,400100%
15 Apr 202113Silver ShadowSS210415013Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Lisbon$0$5,300100%
23 Apr 202117Silver WhisperWH210423017Mumbai to Piraeus (Athens)$0$8,300100%
28 Apr 202112Silver ShadowSS210428012Lisbon to Barcelona$0$6,600100%
10 May 202115Silver WhisperWH210510015Piraeus (Athens) to Lisbon$0$7,200100%
25 May 202112Silver WhisperWH210525012Lisbon to New York, Ny$0$4,900100%

* All prices are per person, double occupancy, cruise only. The staterooms available at these prices are limited. All itineraries and prices are current at time of transmission and subject to change without notice. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Government taxes and fees are additional. Certain restrictions apply.