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DateLengthShipVoyage #SailingPublished
Savings Fare
30 Jul 202110Silver ShadowSS210730010Rountrip Reykjavik$0$7,900100%
09 Aug 202110Silver ShadowSS210809010Rountrip Reykjavik$0$7,900100%
19 Aug 202110Silver ShadowSS210819010Rountrip Reykjavik$0$7,900100%
03 Sep 202112Silver SpiritSL210903012Rountrip Southampton$0$7,830100%
08 Sep 202112Silver ShadowSS210908012Venice to Athens (Piraeus)$0$7,380100%
15 Sep 202112Silver SpiritSL210915012Rountrip Southampton$0$6,300100%
20 Sep 202115Silver ShadowSS210920015Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$13,230100%
27 Sep 202111Silver SpiritSL210927011Southampton to Lisbon$0$6,660100%
05 Oct 202110Silver ShadowSS211005010Athens (Piraeus) to Civitavecchia (Rome)$0$6,840100%
08 Oct 202112Silver SpiritSL211008012Rountrip Lisbon$0$6,750100%
15 Oct 20219Silver ShadowSS211015009Civitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$0$5,220100%
20 Oct 202110Silver SpiritSL211020010Lisbon to Barcelona$0$5,760100%
24 Oct 202112Silver ShadowSS211024012Barcelona to Lisbon$0$6,570100%
30 Oct 202110Silver SpiritSL211030010Barcelona to Athens (Piraeus)$0$5,200100%
05 Nov 202110Silver ShadowSS211105010Lisbon to Civitavecchia (Rome)$0$4,720100%
09 Nov 202110Silver SpiritSL211109010Athens (Piraeus) to Barcelona$0$5,200100%
10 Nov 202118Silver ExplorerE1211110018Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$17,120100%
15 Nov 20219Silver ShadowSS211115009Civitavecchia (Rome) to Athens (Piraeus)$0$4,240100%
17 Nov 202115Silver WhisperWH211117015San Juan to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,960100%
19 Nov 20219Silver SpiritSL211119009Barcelona to Lisbon$0$4,560100%
20 Nov 202122Silver WindWI211120022Buenos Aires to Ushuaia$0$27,040100%
24 Nov 202110Silver ShadowSS211124010Athens (Piraeus) to Aqaba (Petra)$0$6,840100%
28 Nov 202110Silver ExplorerE1211128010Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$11,360100%
28 Nov 202111Silver SpiritSL211128011Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$3,600100%
02 Dec 20217Silver WhisperWH211202007Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Bridgetown$0$3,500100%
04 Dec 202114Silver ShadowSS211204014Aqaba (Petra) to Mumbai$0$3,760100%
09 Dec 202112Silver SpiritSL211209012Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,950100%
09 Dec 20218Silver WhisperWH211209008Bridgetown to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$3,800100%
11 Dec 20216Silver ExplorerE1211211006Rountrip King George Island$0$14,560100%
12 Dec 202110Silver WindWI211212010Rountrip Ushuaia$0$12,870100%
17 Dec 20216Silver ExplorerE1211217006Rountrip King George Island$0$15,750100%
17 Dec 202110Silver WhisperWH211217010Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Bridgetown$0$4,410100%
18 Dec 202112Silver ShadowSS211218S12Mumbai to Phuket$0$6,700100%
18 Dec 202117Silver ShadowSS211218017Mumbai to Singapore$0$7,020100%
21 Dec 202113Silver SpiritSL211221013Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$5,490100%
22 Dec 202118Silver WindWI211222018Rountrip Ushuaia$0$22,230100%
23 Dec 20216Silver ExplorerE1211223006Rountrip King George Island$0$16,830100%
27 Dec 20219Silver WhisperWH211227009Bridgetown to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,140100%
29 Dec 20216Silver ExplorerE1211229006Rountrip King George Island$0$16,920100%
03 Jan 202211Silver SpiritSL220103011Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$3,840100%
04 Jan 202215Silver ShadowSS220104015Singapore to Cairns$0$6,800100%
06 Jan 202212Silver WhisperWH220106012Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Lima (Callao)$0$6,900100%
07 Jan 202210Silver ExplorerE1220107010Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$12,960100%
09 Jan 202210Silver WindWI220109010Rountrip Ushuaia$0$12,560100%
14 Jan 202211Silver SpiritSL220114011Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,590100%
17 Jan 202210Silver ExplorerE1220117010Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$15,100100%
18 Jan 202214Silver WhisperWH220118014Lima (Callao) to Ushuaia$0$7,400100%
19 Jan 202213Silver ShadowSS220119S13Cairns to Melbourne$0$7,650100%
19 Jan 202215Silver ShadowSS220119015Cairns to Sydney$0$7,200100%
19 Jan 202210Silver WindWI220119010Rountrip Ushuaia$0$14,850100%
25 Jan 202211Silver SpiritSL220125011Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Bridgetown$0$4,500100%
27 Jan 202220Silver ExplorerE1220127020Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$27,450100%
29 Jan 202210Silver WindWI220129010Rountrip Ushuaia$0$14,850100%
01 Feb 202223Silver WhisperWH220201023Ushuaia to Cape Town$0$20,900100%
03 Feb 202215Silver ShadowSS220203015Sydney to Auckland$0$7,920100%
05 Feb 20229Silver SpiritSL220205009Rountrip Bridgetown$0$4,230100%
08 Feb 202212Silver WindWI220208012Rountrip Ushuaia$0$16,920100%
14 Feb 202211Silver SpiritSL220214011Bridgetown to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,590100%
16 Feb 202210Silver ExplorerE1220216010Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$11,920100%
18 Feb 202213Silver ShadowSS220218S13Auckland to Melbourne$0$7,440100%
18 Feb 202215Silver ShadowSS220218015Auckland to Sydney$0$7,840100%
20 Feb 202210Silver WindWI220220010Rountrip Ushuaia$0$14,400100%
24 Feb 202221Silver WhisperWH220224021Cape Town to Mahe$0$13,700100%
25 Feb 202210Silver SpiritSL220225010Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Bridgetown$0$4,600100%
26 Feb 202210Silver ExplorerE1220226010Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$11,360100%
02 Mar 202219Silver WindWI220302019Ushuaia to Buenos Aires$0$13,920100%
05 Mar 202215Silver ShadowSS220305015Sydney to Auckland$0$8,640100%
08 Mar 202221Silver ExplorerE1220308021Puerto Williams to Cape Town$0$14,940100%
17 Mar 202213Silver WhisperWH220317013Mahe to Aqaba (Petra)$0$5,900100%
18 Mar 202213Silver SpiritSL220318013Bridgetown to Lisbon$0$4,900100%
20 Mar 202213Silver ShadowSS220320S13Auckland to Melbourne$0$8,100100%
20 Mar 202215Silver ShadowSS220320015Auckland to Sydney$0$8,550100%
21 Mar 202214Silver WindWI220321014Buenos Aires to Fortaleza$0$7,650100%
29 Mar 202218Silver ExplorerE1220329018Cape Town to Zanzibar$0$16,830100%
30 Mar 202214Silver WhisperWH220330014Aqaba (Petra) to Athens (Piraeus)$0$9,400100%
31 Mar 20227Silver SpiritSL220331007Lisbon to Barcelona$0$4,590100%
04 Apr 202216Silver ShadowSS220404016Sydney to Cairns$0$8,460100%
04 Apr 202221Silver WindWI220404021Fortaleza to Bridgetown$0$15,660100%
07 Apr 20227Silver SpiritSL220407007Barcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$0$4,680100%
11 Apr 20229Silver ShadowSS220411S09Melbourne to Cairns$0$5,130100%
13 Apr 202216Silver WhisperWH220413016Athens (Piraeus) to Bordeaux$0$9,000100%
14 Apr 202211Silver SpiritSL220414011Civitavecchia (Rome) to Athens (Piraeus)$0$6,930100%
16 Apr 202211Silver ExplorerE1220416011Zanzibar to Mahe$0$12,870100%
20 Apr 202213Silver ShadowSS220420S13Cairns to Benoa, Bali$0$8,200100%
20 Apr 202216Silver ShadowSS220420016Cairns to Singapore$0$7,040100%
25 Apr 20227Silver SpiritSL220425007Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$5,220100%
25 Apr 20228Silver WindWI220425008Bridgetown to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,230100%
29 Apr 202212Silver WhisperWH220429012Bordeaux to Reykjavik$0$7,600100%
02 May 202211Silver SpiritSL220502011Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$7,560100%
03 May 202216Silver ExplorerE1220503016Colombo to Singapore$0$11,250100%
03 May 202211Silver WindWI220503011Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Halifax, Nova Scotia$0$7,380100%
06 May 202213Silver ShadowSS220506S13Singapore to Hong Kong$0$7,000100%
06 May 202218Silver ShadowSS220506018Singapore to Yokohama (Tokyo)$0$8,370100%
09 May 202215Silver ShadowSS220509S15Bangkok (Klong Toey) to Yokohama (Tokyo)$0$6,480100%
11 May 202211Silver WhisperWH220511011Reykjavik to Copenhagen$0$7,500100%
13 May 202211Silver SpiritSL220513011Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$8,190100%
14 May 202218Silver WindWI220514018Halifax, Nova Scotia to Southampton$0$11,970100%
19 May 20225Silver ShadowSS220519S05Hong Kong to Yokohama (Tokyo)$0$3,500100%
22 May 202210Silver WhisperWH220522010Copenhagen to Hamburg$0$6,750100%
24 May 202217Silver ShadowSS220524017Yokohama (Tokyo) to Seward (Anchorage, Alaska)$0$6,930100%
24 May 202215Silver SpiritSL220524015Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$11,520100%
01 Jun 202214Silver WhisperWH220601014Hamburg to London (Greenwich)$0$8,820100%
01 Jun 202213Silver WindWI220601013Southampton to Tromsø$0$11,520100%
08 Jun 20229Silver SpiritSL220608009Athens (Piraeus) to Venice$0$6,840100%
09 Jun 20227Silver ShadowSS220609007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$4,500100%
14 Jun 20229Silver WindWI220614009Tromsø to Longyearbyen$0$10,980100%
15 Jun 20229Silver WhisperWH220615009London (Greenwich) to Edinburgh (Leith)$0$5,940100%
16 Jun 20227Silver ShadowSS220616007Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage, Alaska)$0$4,230100%
17 Jun 20227Silver SpiritSL220617007Rountrip Venice$0$5,040100%
23 Jun 20227Silver ShadowSS220623007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$5,130100%
23 Jun 20226Silver WindWI220623006Rountrip Longyearbyen$0$8,370100%
24 Jun 20227Silver SpiritSL220624007Rountrip Venice$0$4,860100%
24 Jun 202211Silver WhisperWH220624011Edinburgh (Leith) to Reykjavik$0$7,020100%
29 Jun 20229Silver WindWI220629009Longyearbyen to Tromsø$0$10,350100%
30 Jun 20227Silver ShadowSS220630007Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage, Alaska)$0$5,130100%
01 Jul 20229Silver SpiritSL220701009Venice to Athens (Piraeus)$0$6,930100%
05 Jul 202210Silver WhisperWH220705010Rountrip Reykjavik$0$8,190100%
07 Jul 20227Silver ShadowSS220707007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$5,130100%
08 Jul 202213Silver WindWI220708013Tromsø to Reykjavik$0$15,120100%
10 Jul 202215Silver SpiritSL220710015Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$10,980100%
14 Jul 20227Silver ShadowSS220714007Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage, Alaska)$0$5,130100%
15 Jul 202212Silver WhisperWH220715012Reykjavik to London (Greenwich)$0$7,740100%
21 Jul 20227Silver ShadowSS220721007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$5,130100%
21 Jul 202211Silver WindWI220721011Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq$0$14,130100%
25 Jul 20227Silver SpiritSL220725007Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$5,580100%
27 Jul 202214Silver WhisperWH220727014London (Greenwich) to Tromsø$0$9,630100%
01 Aug 20229Silver SpiritSL220801009Athens (Piraeus) to Venice$0$7,020100%
01 Aug 20227Silver WindWI220801007Rountrip Kangerlussuaq$0$9,540100%
04 Aug 20227Silver ShadowSS220804007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$4,860100%
08 Aug 202216Silver WindWI220808016Rountrip Kangerlussuaq$0$18,450100%
10 Aug 202214Silver WhisperWH220810014Tromsø to Reykjavik$0$9,630100%
11 Aug 20227Silver ShadowSS220811007Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage, Alaska)$0$4,860100%
17 Aug 20229Silver SpiritSL220817009Venice to Athens (Piraeus)$0$6,750100%
18 Aug 20227Silver ShadowSS220818007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$4,860100%
24 Aug 202210Silver WhisperWH220824010Rountrip Reykjavik$0$8,280100%
24 Aug 202224Silver WindWI220824024Kangerlussuaq to Nome, Alaska$0$43,740100%
26 Aug 20227Silver SpiritSL220826007Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$5,400100%
01 Sep 20227Silver ShadowSS220901007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$4,410100%
02 Sep 202212Silver SpiritSL220902012Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$9,400100%
03 Sep 202216Silver WhisperWH220903016Reykjavik to New York, Ny$0$7,470100%
06 Sep 202218Silver ExplorerE1220906018Darwin to Cairns$0$20,160100%
08 Sep 202218Silver ShadowSS220908018Vancouver to Tokyo$0$6,930100%
17 Sep 202218Silver WindWI220917018Nome, Alaska to Vancouver$0$17,550100%
19 Sep 202211Silver WhisperWH220919011New York, Ny to Quebec City$0$7,650100%
20 Sep 202215Silver SpiritSL220920015Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$11,340100%
24 Sep 202216Silver ExplorerE1220924016Cairns to Lautoka$0$12,240100%
27 Sep 202210Silver ShadowSS220927010Rountrip Tokyo$0$7,200100%
30 Sep 202211Silver WhisperWH220930011Quebec City to New York, Ny$0$8,190100%
05 Oct 202211Silver WindWI221005011Vancouver to San Diego, California$0$8,100100%
07 Oct 202210Silver ShadowSS221007010Rountrip Tokyo$0$7,110100%
10 Oct 202212Silver ExplorerE1221010012Lautoka to Papeete (Tahiti)$0$11,160100%
11 Oct 202211Silver WhisperWH221011011New York, Ny to Quebec City$0$7,740100%
12 Oct 202211Silver SpiritSL221012011Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$7,470100%
16 Oct 202211Silver WindWI221016011San Diego, California to Puntarenas$0$6,840100%
17 Oct 202210Silver ShadowSS221017010Tokyo to Yokohama (Tokyo)$0$7,110100%
21 Oct 202223Silver ExplorerE1221021023Papeete (Tahiti) to Valparaiso$0$20,970100%
22 Oct 202211Silver WhisperWH221022011Quebec City to New York, Ny$0$7,470100%
23 Oct 20229Silver SpiritSL221023009Athens (Piraeus) to Venice$0$5,670100%
27 Oct 202211Silver ShadowSS221027S11Yokohama (Tokyo) to Shanghai$0$8,100100%
27 Oct 202214Silver ShadowSS221027014Yokohama (Tokyo) to Hong Kong$0$9,000100%
27 Oct 202211Silver WindWI221027011Puntarenas to Guayaquil$0$6,300100%
01 Nov 20229Silver SpiritSL221101009Venice to Athens (Piraeus)$0$5,490100%
02 Nov 202212Silver WhisperWH221102012New York, Ny to Bridgetown$0$5,400100%
07 Nov 202211Silver WindWI221107011Guayaquil to Valparaiso$0$6,570100%
10 Nov 202211Silver ShadowSS221110S11Hong Kong to Bangkok (Klong Toey)$0$6,600100%
10 Nov 202214Silver ShadowSS221110014Hong Kong to Singapore$0$7,470100%
10 Nov 202211Silver SpiritSL221110011Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$7,470100%
13 Nov 202212Silver ExplorerE1221113012Valparaiso to Puerto Williams$0$9,900100%
14 Nov 202218Silver WhisperWH221114018Bridgetown to Valparaiso$0$8,640100%
18 Nov 202214Silver WindWI221118014Valparaiso to Ushuaia$0$11,790100%
21 Nov 202217Silver SpiritSL221121017Athens (Piraeus) to Dubai$0$8,640100%
28 Nov 20225Silver ExplorerE1221128005Rountrip King George Island$0$13,950100%
02 Dec 202220Silver WhisperWH221202020Valparaiso to Papeete (Tahiti)$0$10,890100%
02 Dec 202210Silver WindWI221202010Rountrip Ushuaia$0$12,780100%
03 Dec 20225Silver ExplorerE1221203005Rountrip King George Island$0$14,040100%
08 Dec 20225Silver ExplorerE1221208005Rountrip King George Island$0$14,040100%
08 Dec 202213Silver ShadowSS221208013Singapore to Benoa, Bali$0$6,570100%
08 Dec 202212Silver SpiritSL221208012Dubai to Mumbai$0$5,940100%
12 Dec 202210Silver WindWI221212010Rountrip Ushuaia$0$13,500100%
19 Dec 20229Silver ExplorerE1221219009Rountrip King George Island$0$23,310100%
20 Dec 202216Silver SpiritSL221220016Mumbai to Singapore$0$8,550100%
21 Dec 202218Silver ShadowSS221221018Benoa, Bali to Sydney$0$8,730100%
22 Dec 202216Silver WhisperWH221222016Papeete (Tahiti) to Auckland$0$13,410100%
22 Dec 202214Silver WindWI221222014Rountrip Ushuaia$0$18,810100%
28 Dec 20229Silver ExplorerE1221228009Rountrip King George Island$0$23,310100%
05 Jan 202314Silver SpiritSL230105014Singapore to Hong Kong$0$7,560100%
05 Jan 202312Silver WindWI230105012Rountrip Ushuaia$0$15,120100%
06 Jan 20236Silver ExplorerE1230106006Rountrip King George Island$0$16,020100%
08 Jan 202312Silver WhisperWH230108S12Auckland to Melbourne$0$9,300100%
08 Jan 202315Silver WhisperWH230108015Auckland to Sydney$0$9,720100%
09 Jan 202314Silver ShadowSS230109014Sydney to Auckland$0$10,900100%
17 Jan 202312Silver WindWI230117012Rountrip Ushuaia$0$15,120100%
18 Jan 20236Silver ExplorerE1230118006Rountrip King George Island$0$16,020100%
19 Jan 202310Silver SpiritSL230119010Hong Kong to Singapore$0$6,570100%
23 Jan 202321Silver ShadowSS230123021Auckland to Manila$0$13,900100%
23 Jan 202316Silver WhisperWH230123016Sydney to Auckland$0$10,260100%
24 Jan 20236Silver ExplorerE1230124006Rountrip King George Island$0$16,020100%
29 Jan 202314Silver SpiritSL230129014Singapore to Hong Kong$0$7,830100%
29 Jan 202310Silver WindWI230129010Rountrip Ushuaia$0$13,680100%
30 Jan 20235Silver ExplorerE1230130005Rountrip King George Island$0$14,040100%
01 Feb 202311Silver SpiritSL230201S11Bangkok (Laem Chabang) to Hong Kong$0$6,800100%
04 Feb 20235Silver ExplorerE1230204005Rountrip King George Island$0$14,040100%
08 Feb 202314Silver WhisperWH230208S14Auckland to Melbourne$0$10,200100%
08 Feb 202316Silver WhisperWH230208016Auckland to Sydney$0$9,720100%
08 Feb 202310Silver WindWI230208010Rountrip Ushuaia$0$13,500100%
12 Feb 202320Silver ExplorerE1230212020Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$28,080100%
12 Feb 202314Silver SpiritSL230212014Rountrip Hong Kong$0$7,560100%
13 Feb 202318Silver ShadowSS230213018Manila to Singapore$0$12,500100%
15 Feb 202311Silver SpiritSL230215S11Manila to Hong Kong$0$6,600100%
18 Feb 202310Silver WindWI230218010Rountrip Ushuaia$0$12,780100%
24 Feb 202318Silver WhisperWH230224018Sydney to Singapore$0$9,360100%
26 Feb 202310Silver SpiritSL230226010Hong Kong to Singapore$0$6,570100%
26 Feb 202316Silver WhisperWH230226S16Brisbane to Singapore$0$9,900100%
28 Feb 202310Silver WindWI230228010Rountrip Ushuaia$0$12,240100%
03 Mar 202318Silver ShadowSS230303018Singapore to Mahe$0$11,600100%
04 Mar 202314Silver ExplorerE1230304014Puerto Williams to Valparaiso$0$11,500100%
08 Mar 202316Silver SpiritSL230308016Singapore to Mumbai$0$8,190100%
10 Mar 202314Silver SpiritSL230310S14Phuket to Mumbai$0$8,000100%
10 Mar 202319Silver WindWI230310019Ushuaia to Buenos Aires$0$15,900100%
14 Mar 202310Silver WhisperWH230314S10Singapore to Shanghai$0$6,900100%
14 Mar 202316Silver WhisperWH230314016Singapore to Tokyo$0$9,630100%
18 Mar 202325Silver ExplorerE1230318025Valparaiso to Papeete (Tahiti)$0$23,600100%
21 Mar 202323Silver ShadowSS230321023Mahe to Cape Town$0$19,500100%
24 Mar 202317Silver SpiritSL230324017Mumbai to Athens (Piraeus)$0$9,360100%
30 Mar 202310Silver WhisperWH230330010Rountrip Tokyo$0$7,920100%
07 Apr 202323Silver WindWI230407023Rio De Janeiro to Lisbon$0$13,700100%
09 Apr 202310Silver WhisperWH230409010Rountrip Tokyo$0$7,830100%
10 Apr 202311Silver SpiritSL230410011Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$8,900100%
12 Apr 202313Silver ExplorerE1230412013Papeete (Tahiti) to Lautoka$0$12,100100%
13 Apr 202318Silver ShadowSS230413018Cape Town to Dakar$0$15,100100%
19 Apr 202316Silver WhisperWH230419016Rountrip Tokyo$0$9,720100%
26 Apr 202317Silver ExplorerE1230426017Lautoka to Cairns$0$15,800100%
30 Apr 202311Silver WindWI230430011Lisbon to London (Tower Bridge)$0$7,300100%
01 May 202314Silver ShadowSS230501014Dakar to Manaus$0$8,400100%
05 May 202314Silver WhisperWH230505014Tokyo to Seward (Anchorage, Alaska)$0$6,030100%
09 May 202315Silver SpiritSL230509015Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$11,700100%
11 May 202312Silver WindWI230511012London (Tower Bridge) to Hamburg$0$10,500100%
15 May 202313Silver ShadowSS230515013Manaus to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$7,600100%
18 May 20237Silver WhisperWH230518007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$4,600100%
23 May 202312Silver WindWI230523012Hamburg to Helsinki$0$10,500100%
25 May 20237Silver WhisperWH230525007Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage, Alaska)$0$4,600100%
28 May 202315Silver ShadowSS230528015Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Dublin$0$6,400100%
01 Jun 20237Silver WhisperWH230601007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$4,600100%
04 Jun 202312Silver WindWI230604012Helsinki to Hamburg$0$10,500100%
08 Jun 20237Silver WhisperWH230608007Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage, Alaska)$0$4,600100%
09 Jun 20237Silver SpiritSL230609007Rountrip Venice$0$5,400100%
12 Jun 202310Silver ShadowSS230612010Dublin to Southampton$0$6,900100%
15 Jun 20237Silver WhisperWH230615007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$4,600100%
16 Jun 20239Silver SpiritSL230616009Venice to Athens (Piraeus)$0$7,200100%
16 Jun 202314Silver WindWI230616014Hamburg to Reykjavik$0$11,900100%
22 Jun 202314Silver ShadowSS230622014Southampton to Reykjavik$0$8,900100%
22 Jun 20237Silver WhisperWH230622007Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage, Alaska)$0$5,500100%
25 Jun 20237Silver SpiritSL230625007Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$5,900100%
29 Jun 20237Silver WhisperWH230629007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$5,500100%
30 Jun 202312Silver WindWI230630012Reykjavik to Longyearbyen$0$14,800100%
02 Jul 202315Silver SpiritSL230702015Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$11,700100%
06 Jul 202314Silver ShadowSS230706014Reykjavik to Southampton$0$9,700100%
06 Jul 20237Silver WhisperWH230706007Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage, Alaska)$0$5,500100%
12 Jul 20239Silver WindWI230712009Longyearbyen to Tromsø$0$11,500100%
13 Jul 20237Silver WhisperWH230713007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$5,500100%
17 Jul 20237Silver SpiritSL230717007Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$5,900100%
20 Jul 202312Silver ShadowSS230720012Rountrip Southampton$0$8,200100%
20 Jul 20237Silver WhisperWH230720007Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage, Alaska)$0$5,500100%
21 Jul 20239Silver WindWI230721009Tromsø to Longyearbyen$0$11,500100%
24 Jul 20239Silver SpiritSL230724009Athens (Piraeus) to Venice$0$7,400100%
27 Jul 20237Silver WhisperWH230727007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$5,500100%
30 Jul 202312Silver WindWI230730012Longyearbyen to Reykjavik$0$14,800100%
01 Aug 202315Silver ShadowSS230801015Southampton to Quebec City$0$7,800100%
02 Aug 20237Silver SpiritSL230802007Rountrip Venice$0$5,400100%
03 Aug 20237Silver WhisperWH230803007Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage, Alaska)$0$5,100100%
09 Aug 20237Silver SpiritSL230809007Rountrip Venice$0$5,400100%
10 Aug 20237Silver WhisperWH230810007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$5,100100%
11 Aug 202310Silver WindWI230811010Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq$0$13,100100%
16 Aug 202311Silver ShadowSS230816011Rountrip Quebec City$0$7,900100%
16 Aug 20239Silver SpiritSL230816009Venice to Athens (Piraeus)$0$7,200100%
17 Aug 20237Silver WhisperWH230817007Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage, Alaska)$0$5,100100%
21 Aug 202324Silver WindWI230821024Kangerlussuaq to Nome, Alaska$0$48,900100%
24 Aug 20237Silver WhisperWH230824007Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Vancouver$0$5,100100%
25 Aug 202313Silver SpiritSL230825013Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$10,400100%
26 Aug 202317Silver ExplorerE1230826017Fremantle (Perth), Western Aus to Darwin$0$14,400100%
27 Aug 202311Silver ShadowSS230827011Rountrip Quebec City$0$7,900100%
31 Aug 20237Silver WhisperWH230831007Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage, Alaska)$0$4,600100%
07 Sep 202311Silver ShadowSS230907011Rountrip Quebec City$0$7,900100%
07 Sep 202313Silver WhisperWH230907013Seward (Anchorage, Alaska) to Tokyo$0$6,400100%
10 Sep 20239Silver SpiritSL230910009Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$7,100100%
14 Sep 202318Silver WindWI230914018Nome, Alaska to Vancouver$0$18,300100%
18 Sep 202311Silver ShadowSS230918011Quebec City to New York, Ny$0$8,300100%
19 Sep 202311Silver SpiritSL230919011Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$7,900100%
21 Sep 202310Silver WhisperWH230921010Rountrip Tokyo$0$7,800100%
29 Sep 202312Silver ShadowSS230929012New York, Ny to Montreal$0$8,900100%
30 Sep 202311Silver SpiritSL230930011Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$8,900100%
01 Oct 202310Silver WhisperWH231001010Tokyo to Yokohama (Tokyo)$0$7,800100%
11 Oct 202312Silver ShadowSS231011012Montreal to New York, Ny$0$7,900100%
11 Oct 20237Silver SpiritSL231011007Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$5,300100%
11 Oct 202316Silver WhisperWH231011016Yokohama (Tokyo) to Hong Kong$0$9,700100%
18 Oct 202311Silver SpiritSL231018011Rountrip Athens (Piraeus)$0$7,700100%
23 Oct 202312Silver ShadowSS231023012New York, Ny to Montreal$0$7,900100%
27 Oct 202314Silver WhisperWH231027014Hong Kong to Bangkok (Klong Toey)$0$7,800100%
01 Nov 202312Silver WindWI231101012Valparaiso to Puerto Williams$0$12,100100%
04 Nov 202316Silver ShadowSS231104016Montreal to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$6,900100%
10 Nov 202314Silver WhisperWH231110014Bangkok (Klong Toey) to Singapore$0$7,900100%
13 Nov 202318Silver WindWI231113018Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$19,600100%
20 Nov 20239Silver ShadowSS231120009Rountrip Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$4,600100%
24 Nov 202318Silver WhisperWH231124018Singapore to Sydney$0$10,600100%
29 Nov 20239Silver ShadowSS231129009Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Bridgetown$0$4,900100%
01 Dec 202318Silver WindWI231201018Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$19,600100%
08 Dec 202310Silver ShadowSS231208010Rountrip Bridgetown$0$5,300100%
12 Dec 202316Silver WhisperWH231212016Sydney to Auckland$0$10,900100%
13 Dec 202315Silver SpiritSL231213015Mahe to Cape Town$0$8,900100%
18 Dec 20239Silver ShadowSS231218009Bridgetown to Fort Lauderdale, Florida$0$5,400100%
19 Dec 202318Silver WindWI231219018Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$23,200100%
27 Dec 202319Silver ShadowSS231227019Fort Lauderdale, Florida to San Francisco (California)$0$10,600100%
28 Dec 202315Silver SpiritSL231228015Rountrip Cape Town$0$9,700100%
28 Dec 202316Silver WhisperWH231228016Auckland to Sydney$0$10,900100%
06 Jan 202415Silver WindWI240106015Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$16,800100%
12 Jan 202415Silver SpiritSL240112015Rountrip Cape Town$0$9,200100%
13 Jan 202416Silver WhisperWH240113016Sydney to Auckland$0$10,500100%
21 Jan 202412Silver WindWI240121012Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$15,200100%
27 Jan 202415Silver SpiritSL240127015Rountrip Cape Town$0$9,200100%
29 Jan 202416Silver WhisperWH240129016Auckland to Sydney$0$10,500100%
02 Feb 202410Silver WindWI240202010Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$13,400100%
11 Feb 202415Silver SpiritSL240211015Cape Town to Mahe$0$8,900100%
12 Feb 202410Silver WindWI240212010Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$13,400100%
14 Feb 202418Silver WhisperWH240214018Sydney to Singapore$0$10,600100%
22 Feb 202410Silver WindWI240222010Rountrip Puerto Williams$0$13,100100%
26 Feb 202416Silver SpiritSL240226016Mahe to Dubai$0$7,900100%
03 Mar 202417Silver WhisperWH240303017Singapore to Mumbai$0$8,700100%
13 Mar 202416Silver SpiritSL240313016Dubai to Athens (Piraeus)$0$8,700100%
20 Mar 202417Silver WhisperWH240320017Mumbai to Athens (Piraeus)$0$8,800100%

* All prices are per person, double occupancy, cruise only. The staterooms available at these prices are limited. All itineraries and prices are current at time of transmission and subject to change without notice. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Government taxes and fees are additional. Certain restrictions apply.